The Authors Guild

The Authors Guild is a not-for-profit organization, serving over 9,000 members, who have been supporting and advocating for authors since 1912.

Technology Assessments and Integrations

Technology assessments and integrations We help The Authors Guild assess which platforms and technologies will allow them to service their members and internal staff in a manner that is secure and integrated (i.e. not duct-taped together). Examples include:

  •  Assessing cloud-based CRM or AMS platforms.
  •  Integrating an OAuth 2.0 Provider.
  •  Update older products to maintainable technologies which allows the Guild to meet a stated objective of simplifying their technical architecture.


Defining and Enhancing Internal Processes

Nobody wants to spend time bogged down with data entry or menial customer tasks. We help the Guild define and automate their business processes. Examples include:

  •  Documenting and updating key member and billing processes and ensuring they can be replicated in a new system.
  •  Adding auto-renewal options for membership.
  •  Ensuring membership information integrates with it's CRM.
  •  Seamlessly integrating all billing transactions.


Maintaining Technology Infrastructure

Infrastructure must remain available and secure. We work closely with the Guild's COO and hosting vendors to ensure that the following work as expected:

  •  A multi-server environment
  •  Member forms integrated with a 3rd party payment system
  •  The Guild's proprietary website-building product, including a DNS server for 2,000 member websites
  •  An OAuth 2.0 Provider, including integrations with multiple clients that seamlessly provide additional benefits to members.


Technology Budgeting

Like many not-for-profit organizations, the Authors Guild operates on yearly Board-approved budgets. We work closely with the Guild's COO to develop the technology budgets and priorities for presentation and approval.


Project Management

Once budgets are approved for the year, they need to be tightly managed to stated priorities.

  •  Since we started working with them, their technology budget has dropped over 60%, without forfeiting functionality enhancements.
  •  Projects stay within agreed upon budgets, and are delivered to the level of quality expected and with no surprises.


A year is a long time and priorities change. We help the Authors Guild understand the costs and benefits of shifting course as new requirements come along.



Project Management
The Guild's proprietary Sitebuilder product allows authors to build individual websites. Approximately 2,000 websites are active today. The product is geared towards authors being able to promote their books and brand, write a blog and newsletter, and easily integrate with social media platforms. It also provides authors with updated themes whereby they can immediately change the look and feel of their website.

Users can publish their websites as many times as they want, have their domain names and email accounts managed by the Guild, and choose to secure their sites with the SSL protocol.


Public-Facing Website

The Guild's public-facing website,, coordinates with customized member management forms and account information.




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