Are Your Current Website Solutions Meeting Your Needs?

Do you have a website that hinders your customer's ability to interact with you? Are you busy managing menial customer tasks and interactions? Are your customers passing up working with you because their experiences are frustrating? Is it hard to stick to your technical budget?

These issues may already be costing you a great deal.



We help not-for-profit organizations confidently plan, build, and maintain their internet presence.

Do You Want To:

  •  Make it easy for your customers to interact with you over the Internet?
  •   Avoid product failure?
  •  Become an empowered deliverer of technical solutions?



Download the "4 Things Not to Do with Your Internet Project" White Paper

If you’re looking to build, maintain, or rebuild your presence on the Internet, we’ve identified the four most common pitfalls to avoid.



Discover how the Coat Rack Process helps not-for-profit organizations like yours deliver excellent technical solutions




What's working for you, and what's not? Where do you need to get to? What is your budget?




Feel confident you are receiving strong, scalable, and secure code.




Our project managers keep you on track, on focus, and on budget.





"Coat Rack is a great tech partner for us. They always help us reach our goals, while staying both on track and on budget. Highly recommend them."

— Sandy Long, Chief Operating Officer, The Authors Guild



"Working with Coat Rack has enabled us to confidently deliver technical solutions to our clients. We have our own in-house design and QA but needed engineers that could deliver on our vision. Coat Rack has seamlessly integrated with our team creating a transparent communication process and plugging right into our sprint workflows. They feel like members of our team and not an outsourced group of engineers. Since bringing them on we have significantly increased the speed of our software development and deployed key features for our clients. Thanks Coat Rack!"

— Sarah Sable, Chief Program Officer, Neighborhood Trust Financial Partners



"I had a difficult project and wasn’t even sure what I needed. They came up with a plan for my new website that perfectly met my needs. Technically, it was way beyond any expectations I had. They held a clear vision and a willing attitude throughout."

— Kim Gould, Owner, Love Your Design





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